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Резюме обновлено 14 апреля 2024

Hr директор в Душанбе

ищу работу в Душанбе, возможен переезд, 5 000 сомони, любая занятость
ФИО скрыто 24 года, Куляб, неполное высшее образование
Контакты скрыты

Опыт работы

Hr manager
2 года 6 мес янв 2022 - Настоящее время
Company , Dushanbe
2 года 6 мес янв 2022 - Настоящее время
Recruitment: Developing and posting job vacancies, collecting resumes, conducting interviews, assessing candidates, and making hiring decisions.
Performance Evaluation and Management: Developing performance evaluation systems, conducting appraisals, assessing productivity, and proposing measures for improvement.
Training and Development: Organizing and coordinating training programs, workshops, and seminars for employees, as well as facilitating the adaptation of new hires.
Personnel Administration: Maintaining personnel records, drafting employment contracts, handling terminations, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.
Motivation and Incentives: Developing and implementing employee motivation programs, conducting satisfaction surveys, and participating in organizing corporate events.
Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution: Resolving conflicts between employees and participating in the resolution of labor disputes.
Compliance with Company Policies: Ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations related to personnel management, including safety standards and social norms.
Data Analysis and Reporting: Collecting, analyzing, and reporting on various HR department metrics, including employee turnover, training costs, effectiveness of motivation programs, and others.
Social Partnership: Interacting with external social partners, including employment agencies, educational institutions, trade unions, and other organizations.
HR Policy Development and Implementation: Participating in the development of personnel management strategies and corporate culture, and adapting HR policies to changing needs and market conditions.

Неполное высшее образование

Technological university of Tajikistan, Dushanbe
Management of foreign economic activities
4 года 11 мес сен 2017 - июл 2022

Знание языков

Русский - свободно, Английский - продвинутый, Таджикский - свободно
Номер резюме: 271
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Hr директор
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