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Job from 12 August 2019

AdWords & FB specialist in Dushanbe

piecework pay, remote work, work experience from 2 years and above
Романов Антон, директорFlagma member since 8 August 2019
Романов Антон
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Job description

Our agency search Google AdWords & FB specialist for work with top of EU & US companies and get payout in $$$
We only search specialist with a lot of experience of work with AdWords and FB Ads Manager(min 2 years) and successful cases of work in this geo(USA & EU) .
You also must speak English(min level - Intermediate)
We offer:- Regular piecework pay in $ directly to your bank account every 2 weeks(or every project which done. You can earn up to 3'500$ per month.
- Your work is completely remote. You can work from anywhere you want
- We have lots of project so you'll always can earn money.
- The bests will be invite work in USA
Your duties will be:
- Adjust campaigns and manage them
- Perform KPIs
- Always when you do project be on line
- Be responsible and attentively
Is it about you ?
If you say "YES" we can work with you ;)
For start you must send to us your portfolio, where we can see your successful cases
And if you enough good - we will call you :)
Good Luck

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Романов А.О., SP Романов Антон, Директор
AdWords & FB specialist
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